Coming from a family of artists, I dreamed of making music, which I started at the age of 7. When I was a teenager, I naturally turned to the technical side and was able to combine music and sound.

I started my career in the audiovisual industry after graduating as a sound engineer in Barcelona and moved to Paris to start working in different dubbing studios, concert halls and other events.

I came back to Barcelona to continue dubbing, still as a technician.

After several years of combining the artistic side and dubbing technics and voice-over work, I was asked to try my hand at voice and dubbing direction, of which I now have almost a hundred to my name.

Little by little, I was called by other studios for various dubbing projects, corporate voices, documentaries, advertising, etc. I was launched into voice-over work.

I have a professional studio where I record daily for various clients around the world.

Julien Chettle

Voice over & Dubbing
+34 637 232 004